Compost is where it all starts. It’s the foundation from which plants draw the nutrients they need for healthy growth.

We have been producing and supplying high quality organic compost for over five years in Colorado. Our local farming community has been using it for the same time with spectacular results. Why not try some yourself – you’ll be surprised at the results you can get.

Advanced Composting System

productionSoil Solutions uses the Advanced Composting System developed by Midwest Bio Systems Inc. This Process involves stringent daily monitoring of temperature, CO2 levels and moisture levels. The rows must be turned when the temperature gets to 150° F, when the CO2 levels reach over 10 ppm in the bottom of the row, or the moisture level falls below 40%. The first eight weeks represent the heating cycle. The heating process eliminates all pathogens and weed seeds from the raw material. After eight weeks, the compost begins to cool and transitions to the curing stage. On average, windrows will be turned 25 to 30 times in a 12 week period. The rows are covered with a compost windrow cover to increase the quality of the compost and keep the wind and rain out of the windrows. Soil Solutions compost is made from manure, straw, sudan grass, wood chips, coarse saw dust and gypsum.


We’re a Family Business

Soil Solutions is a Colorado family business, comprised of Gregg the father and two sons Justin and Mark. We currently produce and supply a high quality compost for large scale agriculture in the Colorado San Luis Valley.

Soil Solutions has the skill set to accomplish any task. Soil Solutions is dedicated to listening to the consumer and providing the advice and product they need to succeed. We bring experience from Farming, Fabrication, Carpentry, Diesel Mechanics, Journeyman Electrician, and Compost Tea Production, which all lend a different skill set to making this company work and become the leader in the composting industry.